Antiques do have a magical spell on collectors, especially if sold in an enchanting, unique like Abu Dhabi. Often, these merchants did not know the value of the products they were merchandising. Ettihad Antiques Gallery was the first serious attempt in Abu Dhabi to make antique display and appreciation a modern and professional art. Founded by two expert, Khalid Seddiq and Mohammed Khalil in 2004, the gallery is located in the capital of United Arab Emirates, with products that vary in age, history, origin, and value. Some date back to the 17th century while others are from the 20th.

Not everyone who enters is required to buy, or expected to be a collector. Part of our goal is to increase antique appreciation and awareness in United Arab Emirates. We want people to walk in, feel the magic of antiquities, and appreciate the fine products on display. Antiques are an education and an art, before being a business.

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